Corinium Bath Renovations can completely restore your cast iron or pressed steel bath to its former glory

Why choose bath resurfacing?

Are your metal baths (cast iron or pressed steel) letting down the appearance of your bathroom either in your home, hotel or rental property?

Corinium Bath Renovations have the no mess, no fuss solution. Sometimes the thought replacing your old metal bath can be a daunting one, especially when you take into consideration that it is not just the purchase cost of the new bath but also all the other hidden associated costs, ie, plumbing costs, new taps, redecorating and re-tiling-the list goes on.

Batch resurfacing in Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and beyond!We at Corinium Bath Renovations can completely resurface your old metal bath to its former glory in the space of one day, with no mess, no fuss and no hidden costs. The work is undertaken by our experienced operator who has more than 18 years experience. 90% of bath resurfacing is down to good preparation of the surface prior to the new coating being applied. Our operator will clean and prepare the bath, the bath is then ground down to provide good adhesion and any chips or imperfections are filled. For extra adhesion the bath is then coated with a bonding material before the new coating is applied. Several coats of material will then be applied to the bath. The bath will then need to be left for 24 hours before use. The bathroom is left in a clean condition and all work materials are taken away from site.

The beauty of resurfacing is the no mess, no fuss approach and the bath is back in commission the following day. Ideal for Hotels and Rental Properties, this eliminates the lack of revenue which can be a problem when baths are replaced and bathrooms have to be refurbished sometimes leaving the rooms unavailable for a considerable amount of time.


It is important to note that the process we provide is bath resurfacing which is a process completed in situ in your home. Bath re-enamelling however cannot be undertaken in your home, to have a bath re-enamelled it has to be taken away, glass powder coated and fired in a kiln at a very high temperature.

So in conclusion-Resurfacing is the clever cost effective way of giving new life to your old tired and sometimes worn cast iron or pressed steel baths. Need more information? See our "which bath refurfacing process" page.

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Corinium Bath Renovations are based in the Cotswolds (Cirencester, Gloucestershire) and we also cover Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Devon and Birmingham - and everywhere in between!


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